Our company Threpsiadi-Pools after a successful presence in construction and services provision in Mykonos, in order to strengthen its presence provides high quality services with own experienced personnel on the island.

Our main goal is to raise the level of services in the pool construction field, through transmission of our technological know-how.

Design phase includes:

  • Pool architectural master plan design
  • Statics design
  • Electromechanical design
  • Proposal for equipment specification
  • Licensing from local regulator

Construction phase includes:

  • Concrete works, wall mounted equipment casting
  • Pool concrete framework insulation-waterproofing
  • Pool plastering and leveling
  • Final surface coating, mosaic tiles, paint, plaster, sand coating
  • Hydrolic & Electrical networks construction
  • Equipment installation and interconnection

Maintenance phase includes:

Threpsiadi Pools
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