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The company was established in 2003 with exclusive scope the design, construction and maintenance for swimming pools, by Evangelos Threpsiadis, Electrical Engineer, MSc, M.B.A, TEE member.
After 8 years of experience in the field of Telecommunications (PAnafon_Vodafone), Evangelos based on the experience gained from the older family company “HYDROMECHANICAL, 1970-1993”, decided to establish a new company in the swimming pool field, in collaboration with Antigone Threpsiadis, Civil engineer Meng, NTUA.
Our concern is to collaborate with Architects from the design phase, ensuring the construction of a final product with high aesthetic level, high ergonomy and quality level. Our interaction with inspired architects who strive for perfection has always been challenging and inspirational for us to raise the aesthetic level of swimming pools and engage in such projects all over Greece.
Our continuous follow up of new technologies and innovation in the swimming pool field constitute a key factor in our design and specifications proposal. For this reason our company members visit every year the most important European exhibitions in the field, collecting information and product experience, establishing new collaborations with equipment manufacturers. Through the new technology and new products integration in our design we are guided in the construction of a high quality final product.
Threpsiadi Pools
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