Construction and pool maintenance in Corfu

Our company has established on March 2018 a showroom in Corfu in order to provide integrated services for the design, construction and maintenance of swimming pools. Our showroom is situated at Lefkimis Avenue-Kanalia region, 2Km from Corfu International Airport.

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Design phase includes:

  • Pool architectural master plan design
  • Statics design
  • Electromechanical design
  • Proposal for equipment specification
  • Licensing from local regulator

Construction phase includes:

  • Concrete works, wall mounted equipment casting
  • Pool concrete framework insulation-waterproofing
  • Pool plastering and leveling
  • Final surface coating, mosaic tiles, paint, plaster, sand coating
  • Hydrolic & Electrical networks construction
  • Equipment installation and interconnection

Maintenance phase includes:

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