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San Stefano-Corfu, 5* Hotel


Dear colleagues and friends,

We would like to inform you that "Threpsiadi-pools" has been selected by "KLC Hellas", to collaborate in the construction of San Stefano 5* Resort & SPA. The resort will be operated by "Banyan Tree - Angsana Resort" and it will be the first "Angsana Resort" in Greece.

The project refers to the design and construction of water features in the central hotel building as well as in the peripheral bungalows. More specifically Threpsiadi-Pools has been commissioned to perform the electromechanical design/specification, as well as the installation/commissioning of the equipment in all water features of the Hotel. In total an approximation of 3000m2 of water features including central pool, indoor Spa pool, reflection pools in restaurants and indoor Spa, as well as private bungalows pools.

For the design it was taken into account the high quality of service to be provided, therefore DIN standards were adopted for the equipment specification.  In that sense our vision for this project, that of a delivery of a state of the art design and implementation of water treatment pools,has been met.

The equipment specified for all the project will be provided by Descon GmbH, a fast growing leader of swimming pool water treatment in Germany and the European market, as well as Speck-Pumpen GmbH, also a leader in pumps in Europe.  The certification of the project will be provided by Threpsiadi-pools in collaboration with Descon GmbH.

The project is scheduled to be delivered in operation in Q2 of year 2018, and we plan to keep you updated as soon as it is delivered!

We salute you,

Threpsiadi-Pools Team!

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